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13 January 2010 @ 08:09 pm
Coming back to London  
It's strange. Comin back to a place makes it even more real than it was before. I realise that this is reality and that I will be here for the newt two and a half years. It's wonderful to recognize and know a place a bit better. A place like London for christ sake. And my english is so much better. I have reached such a higher leavel. The joy of being able to write essays in english without having to read them 20.000 times. I still struggle and need to work with it a lot but it's so much easier.

My teachers seems to like my writing as well. One of them gave my short story to another student that wnted material to but in her final assasment, a literary magazine. So my story might be printed, just a student magazine but still. Yes.

The thing is that loads of my friends have gone home, peple I came here with. I live in halls where many are exchange students so it's difficult. But some are still here and the most of my class mates. I loved the hug my friend Lewis gave me as we saw each other for the first time after the hollidays.

What is going on for all out there?
Location: London
Mood: draineddrained